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Foto Artis Rahma Azhari Perform On The Stage

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The biography:
Rahma Azhari or complete him Rahma Syahidah Azhari, was born on September 17 1981, was known as the model star and the film actress.
He was one of the eight relatives of the 'family selebritis' Azhari, that uptil now was known was full of the sensation and the controversy.
In his history the section's woman had contained the embryo who at that time was not known by his father, because at that time Rahma was indeed known by the public did not yet marry.
His change then finally had gone in the place of the 'exile', that far from the range infortaiment.
The emergence came back the mother from Oceans Camilla this, was followed afterwards his marriage with a businessman Alfay Rauf on June 10 2003.
Nevertheless their marriage at the end of the problem, since the father Rauf, Nurman Diah menggungkapkan that the child who was born by Rahma at that time, not from the marriage with his child.
In the middle of the condition for his family, Rahma relations and Rauf increasingly meruncing after being involved in the case of the dispute in Blowfish, Menara Jamsostek, on Sunday (4/11) struck 02,30 dawns.
Rahma admitted to being overwhelmed by seven friends of his husband.
As a result Rahma must be treated in the hospital.